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Clients results after three months


Weight loss of 13.5kg


Smaller waist by 11.1cm


Boosted energy levels – 95% report improved energy levels

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Our services

Weight loss

Learn how to achieve long term healthy weight loss without dieting! 

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Using the FODMAP and lifestyle approach, we will help you manage your IBS for good and without having to worry about your symptoms. 

Cholesterol, Diabetes and/or Hypertension management

You will learn how to treat your disease with food, not medication.

Paediatric Nutrition

Fussy eating, nutrition support, allergies and intolerances, our specialist are here to help!

Renal Disease

Protect your kidney function, learn how to manage your phosphate and potassium levels and more.

Sports Nutrition

Increase your performance and recovery by learning what your body needs to eat at the right time.

Why choose a dietitian? 

 – Dietitians are the only health professionals to have a University degree in Nutrition & Dietetics 

 – Dietitian are regulated under a professional body called HCPC, which means you are protected from getting false and wrong advices.

 – We pride ourselves with sustainable long-term results, therefore you can say good bye to your yo-yo weight and to dieting

DNA Diet & Fitness Testing

This is the ultimate DNA test. Not only will you receive ALL of our fitness and nutrition markers to give you the most in-depth picture of your exercise and diet genetics possible, but we can build you a personalised program based on that.

Just came out of a visit with Karine Patel… and let me tell you that she’s such an attentive and sweet person! She took the time to go through all my needs, and her advice/guide are very easy to follow. Her knowledge is exceptional… and she is truly passionate about her work and it definitely shows! Definitely recommend!
Susan Lo

Karine is very patient, kind and passionate by her work. She personalised her approach by considering my needs and my lifestyle. She gave me tricks and habits that are easy to follow and most certainly easy to maintain in such a busy lifestyle. I can’t thank her enough, I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to start their journey towards a better and an healthier life.

Audrey Vallée

Here’s how we make you feel your absolute best!


Learning is one of the first steps toward success. We will educate you about how the body works and what you need to do to achieve lifelong lasting results.


One of the main reasons why people fail to succeed is that they lose motivation. We make sure you don’t fall at an early stage, constantly inspiring and motivating you by helping keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your drivers.


We will be here for you. We will do everything in our power to support you and to help you reach your objectives. You can communicate with us by email or telephone at any time throughout and after your journey with us.

Healthcare Providers

Contact your healthcare provider to see if they cover for dietetic sessions!

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