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Dietitian Support

To provide you with the best service and advices, all consultations are conducted by dietitians. Dietitians are the most qualified nutrition expert.


For the best results, we focus on what has been strongly proven to work.

Personalised Advice

Our approach is tailored to each individual.

Support in Your Pocket

Communicate with your dietitian at any time through our mobile App

Zero Diet

Lose weight without dieting!

Why Choose Our Programmes

  • One-to-One consultations with a dietitian*
  • Personalised meal plan
  • Food, mood and physical activity diary tracked on our mobile App
  • Support with your dietitian through your client portal between sessions

*Dietitians have the highest qualification in nutrition compared to all other nutrition experts and they are the only one that provide science evidenced based advices.

What to Expect?

  • Weight loss of 0.5-0.75kg/ week for women & 0.75kg-1kg/ week for men
  • Fun and permanent lifestyle changes
  • A great increase in energy
  • Better mood, better sleep and better digestion
  • Better overall quality of life!

Myriam Guignard

Weight loss: 45.4kg (7.1 stones)

“When I went to see my dietitian for the first time, I thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy. My dietitian was very patient with me. She taught me everything and she personalized her approach by considering the person that I am and my history of eating disorder. I would have never succeeded without her.

I felt that my dietitian believed in me even before I believed in myself. For a year, I was stuck with the same weight. After feeling hopeless, I lost an extra 50 pounds with her help. She saw me going through emotional rollercoaster, but she stayed there by my side and, to this day, she remains a source of inspiration to me. My dietitian is not only an excellent and passionate dietitian-nutritionist; she is an exceptional woman who will make you believe in your inner potential. Thanks for everything you did for me and everything you still do for me.”

Martin Gingras

Weight loss: 43.1 kg (6.8 stones)

In spring 2019, after my knee surgery, I decided to lose weight. So I called on my dietitian to guide me on this adventure. My dietitian was very helpful. By following her good advices, I have managed to lose 95 pounds in a year and have maintained myself ever since.

My dietitian guided me so that I change my diet for a healthy and balanced diet without having to deprive myself. It also helped me manage other health issues like eliminating heartburn, asthma, headaches and my lactose intolerance!

How to get started?

  1. Choose one of our programmes below.
  2. Follow the steps 
  3. Get ready to change your body and lifestyle for good! Your dietitian will meet you in person or online at the time of the appointment booked.


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  • *We offer 1-off session for those who are not sure of which programme to choose from or who wish to speak with their dietitian first. The value of this session will be discounted from one of our programmes.

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